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Frequently Asked Questions


Self-Guided Hunts


  • Q: When are the new Hunting Regulations & Self –Guided Elk Hunt                        Application available?

     A: The beginning of July of each year.

  • Q: When is the draw application deadline for the Self- Guided Elk hunts?

     A: Late August.

  • Q: Can multiple people apply for a Self-Guided Elk hunt on the same                 application?

     A: No. Only one person may apply per application.

  • Q: Am I supposed to include the full tag payment when applying for a Self-          Guided Elk hunt?

    A: No. You only need to include the Application Fee(s). Full payment is due               upon successful draw.

  • Q: Is there a Hunter Education Requirement?

     A: Yes. All nonmember big-game hunt applicants born after December 31,              1960, must present a certificate or other proof of successful completion of          an approved Hunter Education Course at the time of application.

  • Q: Are crossbows legal for the Self-Guided Archery Elk hunts?

      A: No.

  • Q: Are Mechanical/Expandable broadheads legal for the Self-Guided Archery      Elk hunts?

     A: No.

  • Q: Are maps available for the areas open to Self-Guided Elk hunting?

     A: Yes but on a limited basis and the White Mountain Apache Tribe and                    Tribal Game & Fish Dept. do not guarantee their availability or accuracy.              There are many different mapping software packages available

         to the public with maps of the reservation.

  • Q: I am a member of a different, federally recognized Indian Tribe; do I                qualify for any discount(s)?

     A: No.


Trophy & Guided Hunts


  •  Q: How do I book a Trophy Elk hunt?

      A: Current Trophy Elk clients have the first right of refusal on retuning for                each subsequent season. Any openings are filled off of the Trophy Elk                  hunt waiting list.

  •  Q: How do I get on the Trophy Elk hunt waiting list?

      A: The Trophy Elk hunt waiting list is closed until further notice.

  •  Q: What other options do I have if I want to hunt Trophy Elk on the Fort               Apache Indian Reservation?

  •  A: The Tribal Game & Fish Dept. offers two (2) special Trophy Elk, Chairman’s        Auction tags each year at various hunting and outdoor related                          conventions. Contact the WMAT G&F Dept for more details.

  • Q: How do I book a Pronghorn Antelope or Bighorn Sheep hunt?

     A: These hunts are booked on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Q: How do I book a Spring Turkey hunt?

     A: Current Spring Turkey clients have the first right of refusal on retuning for          each subsequent season. Any openings will be filled after January 1st of              the following year.




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